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Garrett Ace 150 metal detector

Product Code: GA150

4.0 average, based on 7 reviews
Garrett Ace 150
with batteries, Instructional DVD, headphones and coil protection cover                
Instructional DVD for Garrett Ace Detectors
The Garrett Ace 150 is easy to use and offers high performance handling without any complex settings or adjustments. The Ace 150 also features great depth, accurate target ID & discrimination. You can search in all metal, jewellery or coins mode for ease of use. The Ace 150 comes with the all new PROformance Rhino coil 6.5” x 9” This is a great value for money machine for the beginner. With the Garrett Ace 150 you can use any one of the interchangeable coils including the new Ace 9" x 12" PROformance coil and the 4.5" Sniper coil to get the most from your Ace detector. The Optional Regton Starter packs are an ideal addition to your Garrett Ace detector, everything you need to get going in the hobby. See the information below for details. The Garrett Ace 150 comes with an instructional DVD (left) to help you get started with the detector.

Field Test for the New Garrett Ace 150 By Norfolk Wolf

© Reprinted with kind permission from Searcher Magazine

Garrett’s opinion
”Put aside its aggressive good looks and you’ll see that Garrett’s new Ace 150 is still ahead of the competition in every respect. This rugged new machine exhibits every trait and well thought out feature you need for coin and general purpose treasure hunting. It is easy to use and offers high performance handling without complex settings and adjustments, as well as intuitive controls that make treasure hunting fun, easy and rewarding. This sporty Ace 150 also features excellent detection depth, accurate target ID and discrimination and is right on the money when it comes to cost! No other detector will give you Garrett quality features for such a low cost. Rest assured, this machine will send the competition back to the drawing board!” Taken from the Garrett 2005 metal detectors guide




  • Graphic Target ID Cursor
  • Headphone jack
  • Coin depth indicator
  • Large LCD display
  • Sensitivity
  • Low battery indicator
  • 3 Levels of Tone ID
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Clear Tone Speaker
  • Coin depth indicator
  • Simple push button control
  • Easy Touch & go operation
  • Interchangeable with Ace
    optional series search coils
Garrett Ace 150



42" - 51" (Adjustable)
1.2 kg
Frequency 6.5 kHz
4 x AA batteries
2 Years



Garrett Ace 150 Videos


Garrett Ace Treasure Hunting Tips
  • With your search coil held a foot or two above the ground, press the power touchpad on your One-Touch Garrett detector, lower your search coil to a height of approximately one inch above the ground and begin searching.
  • Keep the search coil level as you scan. Always scan slowly and methodically. Swing the search coil from side to side in a straight line in front of you as you walk.
  • Overlap by advancing the search coil up to 50% of the coil's diameter at the end of each sweep path. Occasionally scan an area from a different direction.

You don't have to take our word for it on the Garrett Ace 150. Here are some quotes from some of our satisfied Garrett customers:
  • Nice & lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • I would not buy another make of machine
  • User friendly, lightweight & great performance
  • Packed full of features for a reasonable price
  • Simplicity of control & accurate results


Customer Reviews

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Brilliant first detector

Before buying this detector I had one from the Internet which didn't even have a brand name , not knowing which targets to dig I went back to these targets and found some great things . The service at Regton was amazing thank you.

Kamarjato :: Jan 01 2014, 21:07 PM


All of Garretts headphones now include volume control

Regton :: Dec 03 2012, 12:03 PM

Ace 150

My first metal detector and very impressed. Well put together and does exactly what the reviews claim, seems to pick everything up. I have only found junk so far but that is only to be expected. I didn't know weather to go for the 150 or 250 model, the 150 will probably find everything the 250 will and if your prepared to pay the extra it may save a bit of time locating objects however the 150 is probably accurate to 6 inches or so with a bit of practice. Would buy another Garrett and would definitely use Regton's again.

J Houghton :: Jul 27 2012, 22:39 PM


ordered my machine at 1.30pm on monday and received it at 9.30am the next morning great service would highly recomend

JIM MONAGHAN :: Jul 11 2012, 15:10 PM

Not a toy

After what seemed like a thousnad reviews and websites the general feedback said the Ace was the one to go for, how glad I am that I followed mt instinct, it's a belter, very well made, works well everywhere I've been but not tried the beach yet, found £5.67 first time out and loads of interesting 'stuff' yet to be identified, nearly bought a German make but turned out to be a Chinese machine, phew close call.

D.tector :: Nov 23 2011, 11:48 AM

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